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Get rid of varicose veins

Suitable for
all ages


In case of continuous use
gel helps to

  • Heal trophic ulcers;
  • Restore the natural blood flow;
  • Strengthen the wall of blood vessels;
  • Reduce leg pain;
  • Reduce thrombus formation;
  • Improve the performance of venous valves;
  • Eliminate soft tissue swelling;

The absence of any discomfort
(stained clothing, stickiness of the skin)



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Anti varicose gel

Comprehensive treatment - the key to success on the way of getting rid of varicose veins. And one of the important components of this complex is the use of antivaricose gel. It gently and effectively eliminates the manifestations of the disease, relieves the symptoms, tones and strengthens blood vessels.

VaricoFix gel applied externally is considered to be an excellent tool for treatment and prophylaxis. For you it will be the "lifeline", which you have to use in the first place!



Feeling of
burning, heat



Night cramps


Causes you have varicose veins:

  • "Varicose heredity", inherited from your parents or other relatives;
  • A sedentary lifestyle, you are forced to keep sitting on the workplace;
  • Fascination with new diets poor in fiber;
  • Like wearing thongs, tight pants and high heels, impairing blood flow;
  • The habit of sitting with legs crossed;
  • Excessively heavy loads in the gym;
  • Hormonal drugs, such as contraceptives or cold remedies;

healthy vein

varicose vein

How does VaricoFix work?

Due to its unique ingredients, this antivaricose gel is effective and safe. It is able to remove manifestations of local inflammation, reduce swelling and pain. At regular application of this gel it improves the condition of blood vessels, increases their tone, acts as a restorative and tonic solution. It is also important that the gel VaricoFix eliminates subjective symptoms such as a feeling of "pins and needles", "cold" in the hands and feet, fatigue and heaviness.

Application and Safe-keeping

The recommended application is 2 times per day. Use it at the end of the day on mandatory, because legs are most tired at this time. Have no worries to apply VaricoFix in the mornings before going for work, because it leaves no signs or stains on clothes as it gets absorbed by skin immediately. For prophylaxis apply once per day. Due to its 100% organic ingredients VaricoFix hides no side effects and it can be used anytime you feel discomfort, pain or heaviness in legs. Always keep VaricoFix at cool area.

100% Natural ingredients

Pay attention to the active ingredients!
In order to find a remedy for varicose veins, which is suitable, you should get familiar with the ingredients of this product. The effect of this solution completely dependents on its active components.

is a patented complex of organic boosters and fighters against bad blood vessel circulation, lack of elastity of small veins and degeneration of the microvascular connective tissue. Phytotonine cures, prevents and recovers the outside signs of varciose veins. And it is composed of these three plants: Arnica, Solomon`s seal and Cypress cones.


from French mountains stimulates blood circulation, heals wounds and reacts immediately on bruises. It restores traumas and stops the extra fluids coming inside the walls of the weakened vessels.


Solomon`s seal
rhizome extract works as venous toner and helps to reduce the syndroe of “blothcy skin”. Solomon`s seal has tightening effect for double protection.


Cypress cones
from an evegreen Oriental tree supports the blood vessel elastity feature. It also restores the resistance of veins making them stronger and less infirm in order to bear pressure and not affected by sedentary lifestyle.


Centella Asiatica
leave extract comes from ancient Chinese culture as one of the most powerful stimulator for connective tissue recovery and reproduction. This plant also maintains the vascular integrity and tones the affected veins.


restores the blood vessel  wall and to stop inflimation processes. Ruscus plant is well-known for its antioxidant work. It is efficient in venus insuficiency and reduces the heaviness in legs, which feature makes Ruscus the best bio medicine in carido vessel diseases.

is a substance with faultless action against blood clot formation. It is efficient in cell restoration and in defeating any type of blood vessel discorders - including varicose veins. Heparin is real breakthrough in treating swollen veins, but in a combination with the other bio ingredients, it makes the effect fast and permanent.

The components of the gel guarantee the sufficient result for the prevention of the disease.

The main function of the gel is the reduction and relief of pain and symptoms, blood thinning, toning, strengthening of the veins and the prevention of blood clot formation.

Features of the remedy for varicose veins:

It gives a person more endurance and performance, relieves symptoms of poor health due to varicose veins: reduces swelling, heaviness in the legs, itching, seizures, prevents Restless Leg Syndrome.

Improves blood circulation

Reduces blood pressure in the veins

Promotes rapid recovery of the vessel walls

Reduces swelling

Increases the tone of the veins

Reduces venous stasis

Reduces the permeability and fragility of the capillaries

Cleans and restores varicose veins







Customer reviews:

before & after block_10_foto1

Christina Drake
28 years

After pregnancy and childbirth I had difficulties with my legs. Not only that, I was constantly feeling pain, but also my veins started to "get out." My legs were covered with a venous "bumps" at the end of the day! It looked awful.

I went to the doctor, and it was he who advised me to use this antivaricose ointment. He said to apply it daily, 2 times a day. The first effects I saw after 5 days. Veins were not swelling and looked almost normal. After a month of use, I noticed that the pain was gone and my legs no longer disturbing me and there is almost no swelling. I will continue this treatment!

before & after block_10_foto2

Sarah Graunder
47 years

Varicose veins - my eternal problem! For almost 10 years I have been using different ointments, gels, tablets. From everything that I have tried, the VaricoFix is the best. It is not only enjoyable, but also quickly is absorbed, and gives a relief. After using this gel I feel no itching, have no rash, like it was after various products from the pharmacy. I really noticed that swelling and inflammation are disappearing. Maybe not so fast, but forever!

And with this product I feel some lightness in my legs. And one more thing -it is not addictive. It is effective even when you use it on the regular basis.

before & after block_10_foto3

Mary K. Stone
58 years

I had the second stage of varicose veins. Veins in the legs were really visible, the skin was dry. I had swelling and pain almost constantly. My daughter bought me this gel, but I wasn't really hoping it would help.

I have been using it for nearly a year now, on a daily basis, several times a day. The results surprised me. The first thing you notice - the skin becomes healthy and moisturized. After that pain and swelling began to disappear gradually. Later, after about a month of using venous bumps began to decrease. I continue using this gel, because I see the results, and it makes me very happy!

before & after block_10_foto4

Ron Clark
65 years

My wife have been always saying that I had problems with my veins. And I also felt it myself. My hands were covered with venous nets, that the look was really scary. And it hurt, ached, and I had constant feeling of coldness in my hands.

My wife bought me this product. And we started to apply. At first there was nothing, just a pleasant feeling of warmth. In about 10 days, my veins became slightly smaller and brighter. I was glad! Then, after a month and a half I noticed that the pain was gone. Apparently this gel removed the inflammation! Veins are significantly smaller. The net on my hand does not look so scary and there is no pain!


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